Top FAQs

  • How does Oulala Work?

    Whether you are a tactician or simply a football lover, Oulala is for you.

    Every day you have the opportunity to join leagues, by paying an entrance fee to challenge other Oulala members.

    Once you have joined a league, Oulala  lets you build your team of players from the four major European leagues (England, Spain, France, Italy), on a budget of 100m euros.

    The players on your team earn points thanks to their performance in their league matches (see the Scoring System). At the end of the last game of the league, managers with the most points wins the pot.

  • Why choose Oulala?

    For the first time, you can choose from over 3,000 players from the major European football leagues. Messi, Agüero, Ronaldo or Batotelli may be part of your armada.

    Moreover, Oulala exclusively gives you the chance to make live substitutions (see « Live coaching » section). Since we are available on tablet and smartphone, this coaching is also possible even while having dinner at a restaurant.

    In order to be closer to reality, 70 criteria are included in the « Scoring system », to really be “into the heart of the field”.

    Our goal is to create an active site where no question is left unanswered, except for what Materazzi said to Zidane, and where all suggestions are taken into account. Our Community spaces: Live chat, Forum, Help, FAQs and email support are available and your comments help us to develop the game.

  • Which are the different ways to access Oulala?

    You can access Oulala from your computer via But we have also thought about our super-connected nomads: you can also access Oulala from your smartphones and tablets thanks to our mobile applications (sadly, the Minitel version is no longer available).

    All the pages can be viewed comfortably, as they adapt to whichever screen you are using.

  • Where do the statistics come from?

    All statistics used on the Oulala website are sent to us by the company OPTA, a specialist provider of sports content. All statistics are received in real time.

  • What is «Live coaching»?

    THE Oulala revolution! For the first time in the Fantasy Football industry, you will have the possibility to make live substitutions and formation changes to your team during a match. Guaranteed palpitations!

    You can make up to three substitutions per game. Just like in real life, any player who has been replaced can no longer return to the pitch.

  • Players in my team play at different times. Can I still replace them?

    Yes, you can replace them. However, you can’t replace a player who has already finished his game.

    Let's take the example of two matches being played at different times: let's assume that you decide to pull Pastore out at the 68th minute of his match on Saturday at 5pm (good choice), then you can sub in Thauvin even if he plays on Saturday at 9pm. Statistics from Marseilles are then counted until the 69th minute of the match (even if he is a starting player).

  • How is the Oulala calendar established?

    Oulala’s schedule has been established internally by our team based on the calendars of  the English, Spainish, French, and Italian Championships.

  • I'd like to share the team I created with my friends. How can I do this?

    We understand that a passion needs to be shared with a lot of people in order for it to be enhanced. So, you can share your team on your favorite social media by clicking on the corresponding button, situated next to your team (on your home page).

  • What are the different ways of interacting on Oulala?

    There are a number of different sections available to make our site more interactive, such as the «Live chat», the «Forum», our Facebook page or the «Contact us» section. You will always have someone to share your passion with!