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oulala - VIDEO and PHOTO: Oulala and KPMG join forces

VIDEO and PHOTO: Oulala and KPMG join forces

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Benjamin Carlotti, our Managing Director, recently visited Cyprus where he attended the conference, organized by KPMG Cyprus.

The event was organised with the aim to discuss new ways for improving the experience of customer, who is becoming the new C in the C-level suite of organisations.

Benjamin presented the online customer experience and proposed ways to engage ''Millennial'' customers, using smart digital marketing and big data.

''I was really happy to be here and share my insights on how to reach out to the millennials,'' he said at the end of the one-day event.

''I would really want to thank KPMG for having me here. It was a really amazing event and I hope that anyone in the audience managed to get some key takeaways from my presentation.''

His and other presentations were followed by a panel discussion, during which the participants discussed various interesting topics with the speakers, such as the ways to strike the balance between what is valuable to the customer and what will drive them away, how financial institutions can deal with customer emotions and find the balance between regulation and responding to customer needs and the importance of a holistic approach in customer management starting within each organisation from the top to the bottom.

The event took place on Wednesday 8th of March, at Hilton Hotel, with various key note speakers.

Key Outcomes - Infographic

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