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oulala - Is Danny Drinkwater Too Good For Chelsea?

Is Danny Drinkwater Too Good For Chelsea?

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Danny Drinkwater is yet to lose a Premier League game for Chelsea. When he plays they win far more often, score far more goals, concede far fewer, while averaging over a point-per-game more than when he doesn't play. With the attention on under-fire manager Antonio Conte and the poor form of Tiemoue Bakayoko, one question remains unanswered...
Is Danny Drinkwater too good for Chelsea? 
As per Oulala.com's stats, Chelsea have won eight of the 10 Premier League games Danny Drinkwater has featured in compared to seven of the 16 he has not, a wild win-rate imbalance from 80 per cent to just 44 per cent. 
Having drawn his other two games, Drinkwater is yet to experience defeat in the Premier League for Chelsea this season. However without him, Chelsea have lost six games (38%). 
When Drinkwater plays, Chelsea score an average 2.3 goals per game. While without him this drops dramatically to just 1.44 goals per game. 
Chelsea are also far better defensively with Drinkwater in the side. With him they concede an average of 0.5 goals per game. Without him, this rises to 1.13. 
Overall, the Blues pick up an average of 2.6 points per game with him compared to just 1.5 without him. 

With N'Golo Kante a certain starter each week, one spot is left in midfield alongside the Frenchman. Tiemoue Bakayoko and Cesc Fabregas sit well ahead of Drinkwater in Chelsea's pecking order. Antonio Conte appears to favour both over Drinkwater judging by their appearance and minutes figures in the Premier League this season. 
1. Bakayoko 24
2. Fabregas 22
3. Drinkwater 10
Minutes Played
1. Bakayoko 1,764
2. Fabregas 1,501
3. Drinkwater 351
But why doesn't the Italian trust Drinkwater? It was his midfield partnership with Kante that led Leicester City to the Premier League title in 2015/16. Even the stats are on Drinkwater's side, leading Bakayoko and Fabregas in all five key areas analysed. Further proof that he deserves a spot in Chelsea's starting XI as per the numbers below...
Drinkwater vs. Bakayoko vs. Fabregas: Premier League 2017/18
Tackles Won (mins per) 
1. Drinkwater 31.9
2. Bakayoko 33.3
3. Fabregas 34.1 
Dribbled Past (per game) 
1. Drinkwater 0.9
2. Bakayoko 1 
3. Fabregas 1.4 
Unsuccessful Touches (per game)
1. Drinkwater 0.3
2. Fabregas 0.8
3. Bakayoko 1.3 
Dispossessed (per game)  
1. Drinkwater 0.1
2. Fabregas 0.8
3. Bakayoko 0.9 
Passes Blocked (mins per)
1. Drinkwater 50.1
2. Fabregas 93.8
3. Bakayoko 117.6 
So, the question remains, with all the stats to back it up - Is Danny Drinkwater too good for Chelsea?