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What is Oulala ?

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Your weekly playing field:
5 leagues

98 teams, 3000 players: endless playing options

Oulala promotes you to the European football scene. You can now create your team by choosing players from the five major European leagues. On Oulala, it is now possible to have Messi and Crouch as your starting forwards...Pick your favourite team formation, buy your players according to a given budget, and try to become the best manager every week!

70 actions to gain or lose points

The deepest scoring system ever created

A successful through pass and a goal scored: you win points. A shot over the stands and a missed dribble: you lose some. On Oulala, 70 criteria are included in our scoring matrix system, and the allocation of points depends on the players' position on the field for a total of 275 criteria! The behind-the-scene workers might finally be rewarded...Xabi Alonso will be happy about this one. A fantasy football game has never been this close to football reality!

Live Coaching

Change players and your team formation...LIVE!


Managers shout their orders from the sideline, you will shout yours from your fingertips: you will never be far from the action. One of your players is playing poorly, got injured or just received a yellow card? No worries, you can now sub him out for one of the players on your substitution bench. Another cool advantage: Balotelli won't flick you off if you take him out of your team...On Oulala, always stay tuned to the game!

A click away         from you

The Oulala team is always within reach

Our team will constantly be at your disposal to make sure your experience is the best it can be. Wherever you are on the site, we are just one click away from you. Come to our help forum and discuss with any members of the Oulala team, from the CEO in his office with a clean sea view to the intern allocated to make copies all day...Because we love football as much as you do, let's share our common passion together!

Great prizes every week

The best managers are always rewarded

On Oulala, we reward the best three managers every week. Each winner, according to the number of points accumulated through referrals and badges, will have access to better prizes. You only have on thing to do: proving that you are the best!

Why Should You Play Fantasy Football?

Here at, we love football, perhaps as much as you do, perhaps even more. But we are filled with sadness that we will never be either professional footballers or club managers. That is life: harsh. Instead, we decided that we would not let that hold us back from proving our expertise and taking part, which is why we have created the most comprehensive fantasy football system there is.

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This lets us take part, compete against our friends, or the rest of the world, and prove that we have what it takes to stand apart from the footballing crowd and average supporter. Oulala enables us to buy and sell players, pick a starting eleven and make substitutions just as a real club manager would. It is as close to the real thing as football fanatics like you and I will come.

Fantasy football is most well developed in the United Kingdom, where a number of daily newspapers (like the Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail) run their own fantasy leagues, based on player performances in the Premier League. The almost non-stop coverage of the Barclays Premier League[1] enables our advanced system to collect the masses of data that are needed to run our platform. Most systems use around five to seven data points to help score players by their performance – in comparison, uses seventy data points, making it much more comprehensive and a better judge of the performance of an individual soccer player.

Since Oulala is a European football game, we are also launching in multiple languages. As well as English - you can sign up from the homepage here - you can play the game in Since Oulala is a European football game, we are also launching in multiple languages. As well as English - you can sign up from the homepage here - we have launched in French. We will follow up in other European languages soon.

On Oulala, like any other competitions, we give out prizes to the most successful members. If you reach the top three of our leaderboard, you win ! Depending on the number of points unlocked through your referrals and your badges, you can win better prizes every week!

If it all sounds complicated so far, don't worry, it isn't. We have created a set of video tutorials to help you understand how to play fantasy football at Oulala. If you have further questions, our dedicated and slightly footy mad team, based in Malta, will be happy to help you. We look forward to playing against you and chatting about the sport, players and the fantasy Premier League in our forum.